Amboy IL

Amboy is known for the Depot Museum and for the annual Depot Days Car, Truck & Motorcycle show.  The Depot Museum was a former rail station.  It was constructed as a headquarters building for the Illinois Central Railroad as well as a public train station for the fledgling City of Amboy in 1876. It was designed by railroad staff architect James Nocquet after a fire destroyed the original Illinois Central Offices on the site. The building was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places in 1992. The building operated as Division headquarters until 1894. After 1894 the rail line through Amboy was downgraded in importance by the railroad and the division headquarters moved elsewhere. Today, the Depot is operated as a public museum. The museum grounds include the Depot, which houses artifacts and exhibits, and several outbuildings. Also on the property is a steam locomotive which, in 1976, was the last steam engine in the U.S. to be commissioned for regular freight service.

When the railroad left Amboy, the City purchased the Depot building and, more recently, the freight house. The City appointed a Depot commission and they started Depot Days to raise funds to refurbish the Depot. Today the Depot Museum is complete, the Freight house nearly has been restored, and a one-room schoolhouse has been recently completed.

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Taylor Airport

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16 miles: MENDOTA

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Kishwaukee College
Illinois Valley Community College
Northern Illinois University
Rock Valley College
Waubonsee Community College
Ashford University
Aurora University

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Amboy High School

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Amboy Central Elementary School
Amboy Junior High School

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